Shamaya Raphael, an author of a captivating book, has proven that age is just a number. Although being five years old, her head is brimming with brilliant ideas, and she does not hold herself back when it comes to motivating others. She recently published a book, "It All Begins with Me," that revolves around a little girl who uses positive affirmations to increase self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, and self-love. This shop was created to motivate young readers to be who they want to be. Here, you will see empowering words to inspire every shopper.  This clothing store is inspired by Shamaya's book,.  From the colors to the characters. You can find products for kids and adults to match with the whole family. So, if your looking for a brand to feel good, boost confidence and self-esteem then your in the right place.  Happy Shopping!