Shamaya Raphael - A Child Author Who Has a Knack for Writing and Loves to Inspire People to Bring a Change in Their Lives Shamaya Raphael, although only five years old, dreams big and has figured out her life's purpose. She has deftness in drawing and can flawlessly interweave words that make it look like she is having a heart-to-heart conversation with her readers. Raphael is also an Instagram influencer, and previously, she has proficiently carried out her duties as a Brand Ambassador. Her happy personality, interlaced with a great sense of humor, makes her the most fantastic person. Raphael's endless love for writing affirmation books compelled her to write and publish her first-ever book at the age of 5. She has a flair for transforming individuals' lives and wishes to assist children and their parents by teaching them the importance of having positive self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. She dreams of instilling self-love among young individuals so that this positive energy can help them achieve their professional and personal goals and dreams. Since she always wears that beautiful smile, she wishes to share her secret to happiness. Through her writing, she always motivates and educates people to rejoice in every feeling and should live their life fully. Raphael derives pleasure from writing as it is a source for expressing her inner thoughts, opinions, and emotions. She is the author of "It All Begins With Me." She is currently working as a content creator and is well-acclaimed for being a positive influencer. You can reach out to her at or visit IG @babyshamaya.